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How Do You Know if Carpet is Installed Properly in Fernandina Beach, FL? Bumps in Carpets & More

Doing an excellent job of tying a room together, a properly installed wall-to-wall carpet looks great and feels comfortable to walk on. Unfortunately, a new carpet that is poorly installed makes a room appear disjointed and unfinished. Today, we at Jim Ryan Carpet Repair would like to share the signs of a poor carpet installation,…

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Carpet Repair or Replacement in Jacksonville Beach, FL for Burn Marks, Pet Damage or Wrinkles

Homeowners work hard to maintain their home’s carpets. Carpet in homes that are vacuumed and deep cleaned will last the homeowner years. However, even when carpet has been well kept they can still develop damages which can lead a homeowner to believe they must replace their carpets. Carpet can have major damages, but they do…

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How to Keep Heavy Furniture from Damaging Your Carpets & Needing Carpet Stretching in Jacksonville, FL

While having beautiful furniture is part of a beautiful home, it can do a number on your carpet when you don’t take the right precautions to protect that carpet from damage. Heavy furniture is one of the leading causes of carpet buckling, rippling and tearing. However, just because you have heavy furniture, doesn’t mean that…

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How to Prevent Carpet Damage in Black Hammock Island, FL; Avoid Wet Carpets, Pet Scratching & More

When it comes to your carpet, vacuuming it regularly and having it professionally cleaned periodically are both important maintenance. When it comes to your carpets however, there is more to keeping your carpets free from damage. Today, we at Jim Ryan Carpet Repair would like to share a few points that can prevent damage to…

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How to Repair Carpets in Middleburg, FL; Fixing a Visible Carpet Seam, Pet Damage, Burns, Wrinkles & More

Carpet may become overly warn or frayed over time. Pets may dig or chew carpet areas, heavy furniture dragged, improper installation, dropped hot items like irons, cigarettes, or hair tools, and other sources damage carpets. If not repaired, minor issues can develop into severe problems. As an expensive investment that serves function and aesthetics, you…

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DIY VS Professional Carpet Repair to Fix Cigarette & Other Small Burns on Carpets in Macclenny, FL

There are countless DIY processes online for solutions concerning burned carpet. Most carpet repair jobs should be left to professionals in order to protect your home and your family since some processes harm your carpet rather than repair it. Today, we at Jim Ryan Carpet Repair would like to continue to elaborate on the subject.…

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