Carpet Stretching to Get Rid of Wrinkles & Ripples

Jim Ryan Carpet Repair offers many affordable carpet repair services including carpet stretching services to residential and commercial property owners in greater Jacksonville, Florida. Carpeting is the most popular flooring option for many people due to it’s noise insulation, warmth and comfort. However, over time, your carpet may develop wrinkles, ripples, bumps and bulges that not only look ugly but can be a serious tripping hazard as well.

Causes of Carpet Bulging

Though carpets are flat and safe when first installed in your residential or commercial property, they tend to buckle or get wrinkles over time. There can be many reasons that might lead to this unfortunate development in your carpet such as improper installation, low quality carpet padding, over-wetting when cleaning, dragging heavy furniture, delamination and humidity. However, carpet replacement is not always the best solution. It is much more cost effective, convenient and better for the environment to hire a carpet stretching service like Jim Ryan Carpet Repair to stretch your carpets.

Is Carpet Stretching Worth It?

Carpet ripples and wrinkles will not go away on their own. In fact, in most cases, those small ripples will get worse the more you walk on them and can even lead to other problems such as holes in carpet. Carpet stretching is an affordable solution that uses special power stretcher equipment to stretch and reinstall wall to wall carpet. This method stretches the carpet from up to 8 directions! Once stretched, we reinstall the carpet using tack stripes at the correct tension.

Professional Carpet Stretching Services in Jacksonville, Florida

Jim Ryan Carpet Repair can remove the carpet wrinkles, ripples, bulges that have formed tripping hazards on your carpet and put your loved ones in danger of a trip and fall accident. Every job is completed by our owner who has decades of experience. Call us to schedule carpet stretching and other needed carpet repair services today!

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