Invisible Carpet Patch Repair

When you have a piece of carpet that has burns, holes or tears; it’s not time to replace your carpet just yet! Jim Ryan Carpet Repair can perform an invisible carpet patch so that no-one would ever know the carpet was damaged to begin with. Following is our carpet patch process which details the lengths we go to make it appear as though it never happened!

Cut Out the Damaged Section of Carpet

We will carefully measure the piece of carpet that’s damaged to determine exactly how big the patch will need to be. Using a custom made template and specialized utility carpet knife, we will carefully remove the piece, being careful not to damage any surrounding carpet.

Size the Carpet Patch to Replace Damaged Section

After removing the damaged piece of carpet, we then measure and cut the piece of replacement carpet using the same custom template we used to cut out the damaged piece. We also make sure the nap goes in the same direction to achieve a better blend and end result. We then place this carpet patch over the bare piece of flooring to make sure it matches up perfectly.

Adhere the Replacement Piece Using Carpet Seam Tape

Next we adhere the replacement piece of carpet with carpet seam tape. This is a double sided tape that adheres to both the flooring and the new piece of carpeting. We use the correct amount of pressure for the longest lasting results.

Smooth & Trim Carpet Patch Repair

After the replacement carpet patch has been secured, we then smooth it out and trim any longer fibers so that the repair looks seamless and natural with the rest of the carpet.

Invisible Carpet Patch Repairs in Jacksonville, Florida

Do you need to hire a professional carpet repair company to fix holes, tears, burns, seams or wrinkles in your carpet? Give Jim Ryan Carpet Repair a call today to learn more about our custom carpet repair services!

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