Carpet Repair or Replacement in Jacksonville Beach, FL for Burn Marks, Pet Damage or Wrinkles

Homeowners work hard to maintain their home’s carpets. Carpet in homes that are vacuumed and deep cleaned will last the homeowner years. However, even when carpet has been well kept they can still develop damages which can lead a homeowner to believe they must replace their carpets. Carpet can have major damages, but they do not always need to be replaced. Carpets that are damaged often can be repaired. Jim Ryan Carpet Repair will share some of the common types of damages that happen to carpets and how these damages can be repaired.

Carpet Burn Mark Invisible Patching Repair

Carpets can be burnt by candles, irons, cigarettes, and hot embers from a fireplace. When the carpet gets a burn mark on the carpet’s surface, homeowners often think their carpets are ruined. As carpet burns easily, depending on the type of carpet they will burn slightly differently. Burns on wool and more natural fiber blends often spread and tend to burn quickly. Synthetic carpets tend to melt and the burns go deep. Regardless as to the type of burn, the homeowner needs to know they are not always ruined but can be repaired. Burn marks in carpets are cut out and a new piece of carpet is patched in. Burned carpets are repaired with carpet patch repairs, so when carpets develop burn marks, know they can be repaired.

Repair Pet Damage on Carpet

Many homeowners love to fill their home with pets. However, sometimes our beloved pets can cause major damage to our carpets. Cats and dogs will at times claw and chew holes in the carpet. They can rip out the pile one strand at a time until a huge piece of the carpet has been unraveled. Other times pets may have repeated accidents that can leave permanent stains and odors on the carpet. When carpet has been damaged by pets some of the damage may seem completely hopeless. However, carpet that has been damaged by pet can also be repaired. Again, with carpet patch repairs.

Carpet Stretching to Get Creases & Wrinkles Out

Another common type of carpet damage is when carpets become stretched out. Carpet can become stretched out either due to humidity exposure or from dragging heavy furniture. When carpet becomes stretched out they will have ripples and bumps throughout the entire carpet. When carpets have ripples, they can be a major tripping hazard and the carpets look terrible. When carpets become stretched out they can actually be repaired. Carpets can be pulled tight and re-secured and the excess carpet cut and removed. When carpets have been stretched out, you can seek out carpet stretching repair to help restore the carpets.

Carpet Repair in Jacksonville, Florida

Carpets that been damaged can be repaired with patch repair and/or stretching repairs. Carpets are a major investment to a home. For those who work hard to maintain their carpet or they are still relatively new, replacing them is a waste. You do not have to replace carpet that still has some life left. For those who have burn marks, holes and other damages on their carpet, seek out professional carpet repair. Jim Ryan Carpet Repair specializes in carpet stretching and invisible patch repairs. For quality carpet repair services, contact Jim Ryan Carpet Repair today.

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