DIY VS Professional Carpet Repair to Fix Cigarette & Other Small Burns on Carpets in Macclenny, FL

There are countless DIY processes online for solutions concerning burned carpet. Most carpet repair jobs should be left to professionals in order to protect your home and your family since some processes harm your carpet rather than repair it. Today, we at Jim Ryan Carpet Repair would like to continue to elaborate on the subject.

Why DIY Carpet Burn Repair Methods Don’t Work

Hire a professional to evaluate the damage, and come up with a plan of attack, instead of attempting to repair the carpet burn by using the first method you come across on the internet. Below are risks associated with popular DIY carpet repair methods.
Avoid Wire Wool & Scouring Pads on Carpet. To remove burned sections of your carpet, do not use wire wool. You should know what kind of carpet you have installed in your house before attempting any carpet repair. Carpets are likely to end up untwisted or frayed, leaving you with a messy patch of the carpet instead of a burn. Professionals use specialized tools to abrade the carpet burn. To remove burned carpet fibers gently, scouring pads and wire wool are not going to get the job done.
Using Water & Hydrogen Peroxide for a Carpet Burn is a Mistake. Keep in mind that a burn doesn’t just discolor your carpet before you take out the bleach. Since the fibers haven’t discolored, using hydrogen peroxide or bleach will unnecessarily lighten the carpet fibers. The threads are affected when they are burned, and both the texture and chemical makeup are impacted. Never use chemical solutions.
Don’t Cut the Singed Tips of a Carpet Burn. Some websites suggest that you need to cut off the burned tips of the carpet fibers. The only tools available to you are likely scissor, though this is not necessarily an ideal solution. Scissors don’t give you the best angles for removing the burnt tips unfortunately. You are left with an area of carpet with a noticeably shorter pile even if you’re able to remove the burned fibers. You may find yourself making the situation a whole lot worse since you need a professional to properly blend in the fibers.
Avoid Cutting Burned Carpet Fibers at the Base. The burned carpet fibers are cut at the base is a method and then to replace the missing carpet fibers with new ones with glue. To repair your carpet, you should not use glue. Those fibers will likely come loose quickly from day-to-day use, vacuuming, or cleaning if you use glue on a damaged area of your carpet. Professionals use the same method as the manufacturers, in the event you don’t want a visible seam and compromised carpet. Carpet repair leaves your carpet looking brand new without any evidence of the trauma when performed correctly.

Professional Carpet Repair in Greater Jacksonville, Florida

Because of the concerning costs, the DIY homeowners try to repair the carpet burns in the fibers. With proper care and maintenance, it should last between ten and twenty years, since carpet is the most common flooring material in American homes. It is critical to keep up with the needed repairs as they happen. It is more affordable than you may think, especially when you compare the cost replacing carpet. If you need to repair carpet burns, or other damage, call in the professionals of Jim Ryan Carpet Repair and let our qualified experts assist you.

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