How to Fix Carpet My Cat Frayed in Doorway & Scratched Up in My Green Cove Springs, FL House or Apartment

As much as we love our cats, they can do some lasting damage if they put their minds to it with their claws. They can scratch holes in pretty much anything, including your carpet. When you have holes in your carpet because of your furry friends, don’t fret. You can have those holes repaired and your carpet will look as if there was never an issue. Jim Ryan Carpet Repair is here to talk about some of the repairs that can be done when your carpet has sustained damage because of your cats.

Cat Tearing Up Carpet?

Have you started to notice that there are holes where your cat has scratched the carpet clear down to the carpet backing? This can leave your carpet looking less than spectacular. Rather than looking into replacing your carpet entirely, consider having the carpet patched to repair those spots. Without removing the carpet in an entire room, only the parts that have sustained damage can be removed and repaired as if nothing ever happened. This is done by cutting out that portion of the carpet and using it as a template to cut a new patch. These kinds of repairs are why it is so important to keep any remnants of your carpet when the carpet is initially installed in your home.

Pet Damage Carpet Repair

Not only do cats like to scratch at the carpet, but they particularly like scratching at carpet found on your stairs. They will scratch, claw and bite the carpet until there are just bare spots where the carpet used to be. Just like the floor of your home, it is possible to simply repair the portion of the carpet on your stairs that has sustained damaged by your furry family member. Stairs are much more difficult to repair and should never be done by someone that isn’t properly trained in how to do it. This will eliminate any tripping hazards that damaged carpet on your stairs can bring and make your stairs look like new again.

How to Stop Cat Scratching Stairs & Other Carpet

One of the best ways to prevent future damage to your carpet on the floor as well as the stairs is to get your cat a cat tree or a scratching post. This will give your cat a space to get all the scratching, biting and clawing it needs to out while protecting your carpet against any further damage.

Professional Carpet Repair in Greater Jacksonville, Florida

If you have damage anywhere in your home on the carpet, you can rely on the experts at Jim Ryan Carpet Repair to help you restore it. We have the right tools and training to leave your carpet looking like there was never a spot that got scratched down to the carpet backing. We are used to erasing these marks left behind by your favorite cats. Call us today!

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