How to Keep Heavy Furniture from Damaging Your Carpets & Needing Carpet Stretching in Jacksonville, FL

While having beautiful furniture is part of a beautiful home, it can do a number on your carpet when you don’t take the right precautions to protect that carpet from damage. Heavy furniture is one of the leading causes of carpet buckling, rippling and tearing. However, just because you have heavy furniture, doesn’t mean that there are steps you can take to ensure it isn’t going to damage the carpet on your floor. Jim Ryan Carpet Repair is here to talk about some tips to help you avoid carpet damage due to heavy furniture.

Furniture Coasters for Carpet

Just like you buy coasters to protect your tabletops from the water on your cup, you can purchase coasters that will protect your carpet from your furniture. It’s the same basic idea with a puck that your furniture legs sit on. These pucks will distribute the weight of your furniture better so there isn’t so much pressure from these items to create large divots in your carpet.

Protective Padding for Furniture on Carpet

If you are in a position to replace the carpet in your home, think about the padding just as much as the carpet selection. Choosing the right padding will have a big impact on how your carpet holds up. This relates to heavy furniture as well. When your padding is thicker and plusher, it requires more a little more protection than a thinner pad will. You will need to find a good balance that can withstand your furniture but still give you the comfort that you are looking for.

Spiked Caster Cups for Carpet

You may be thinking that this sounds just like the coasters that we mentioned above. They are very similar to each other, but caster cups have little spikes that separate the carpet fibers when they are put in place. This is just one extra step to help you avoid crushed carpet fibers and divots when you place that heavy furniture on your carpeted flooring. You will have an easier time vacuuming out the dents that are left behind when you use these caster cups.

Rotate Heavy Furniture

This may not be ideal, but when you move your furniture around occasionally, it can do wonders for the condition of your carpet. This can go a long way in extending the life of your carpet and keeping it nice. There are some items that you won’t be able to easily move or even have a place to move them to, but if you have the ability, try moving your items around to switch things up sometimes. You may find it refreshing to have a new look every now and then.

Professional Carpet Stretching Repair in Greater Jacksonville, Florida

If you have damage to your carpet because of the heavy furniture you love, you can count on Jim Ryan Carpet Repair to help you fix the carpet without looking to install new. You will find that it is a fraction of the cost of replacement. Call us today!

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