Bald Patches in Carpet in Jacksonville, FL? What Causes Carpet Beetles & How to Repair Damaged Carpets

When carpet begins to develop bald spots you may look to your pets or kids as the culprits. However, the situation might be much worse. While kids pulling on the pile can cause bald spots on carpet, or cats or dogs chewing or scratching can also result in a bald spot, the condition may actually be due to pests. Carpet beetles are known to infest carpets and consume the carpet, creating small bald patches in the carpet. Jim Ryan Carpet Repair will share more about carpet beetles, how to treat them and how bald spots are repaired.

What are Carpet Beetles?

The Carpet beetle is a pest that will feed and nest in dense fibers including carpet, rugs, and curtains. They are also known to infest furniture as well. Carpet beetles, and primarily their larvae, will eat carpet fibers and other linens. They will consume the carpet down to the mat, leaving behind bald spots in the carpet. As kids and pets will also cause bald spots, you may want to do a thorough inspection of the carpet to determine if carpet beetles are present. Carpet beetles and their larvae are very small but can be seen with the naked eye. A magnifying glass is often helpful when looking for carpet beetles and their larvae. There are different species of carpet beetles, but most have the same shape as a lady bug or are slightly longer. They are often white or yellow in color with spots or can also be found with dark brown colors. The larvae is caterpillar like, it is fuzzy and is striped.

How to Prevent & Get Rid of Carpet Beetles

To prevent carpet beetles it is important to vacuum the carpet regularly and keep the carpet cleaned. However, if carpet beetles do infest the carpets, the carpet will need to be deep cleaned and treated. If you want to treat your carpet yourself, you can sprinkle boric acid lightly over the carpet then vacuum it up after a few hours. Once the carpet has been treated and cleaned, your next step is to repair the bald spots caused by the carpet beetles.

Bald Spot Carpet Repair & More in Greater Jacksonville, Florida

When carpet beetles leave behind bald spots on the carpet, many people may think carpet replacement is the only answer. However, carpet with bald spots can be repaired. The bald spot can be removed and then the patch will be repaired. Patch repair isn’t a simple task and for best results, it is strongly recommended to seek out a professional. A professional can repair the patch and the repair will look invisible. Often DIY patch repairs will look very obvious. This is because the patch wasn’t installed in the right direction or properly blended in. Patch repair involves cutting out the damaged carpet and then cutting and fitting a matched piece of the carpet. The patch is then glued in place and then the fibers are blended into the rest of the carpet. If you have had carpet beetles with carpets filled with bald spots and you want new professional patch repairs and more, contact Jim Ryan Carpet Repair and schedule our services today.

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