How to Repair Carpets in Middleburg, FL; Fixing a Visible Carpet Seam, Pet Damage, Burns, Wrinkles & More

Carpet may become overly warn or frayed over time. Pets may dig or chew carpet areas, heavy furniture dragged, improper installation, dropped hot items like irons, cigarettes, or hair tools, and other sources damage carpets. If not repaired, minor issues can develop into severe problems. As an expensive investment that serves function and aesthetics, you want the carpets to last and repairs are far less expensive than carper replacements. With patches and repairs, Jim Ryan Carpet Repair can restore carpets. Today, we at Jim Ryan Carpet Repair would like to discuss the common need for repairs and patches.

Repair a Visible Carpet Seam

Your carpet to lose its hold at the seams over time from furniture, just moving into a new home, moisture and humidity. Areas can be caused to fray and become a tripping hazard and a big problem for the vacuum cleaner when the seams loosen or separate. In addition to attracting your overactive pet’s attention making it a bigger problem, these annoying separations can become a real eye sore. Professionals of Jim Ryan Carpet Repair has the tools and experience for carpet repair, seam fixing and patching glue exposed carpet seams. Ready to schedule your appointment today, our dispatch department is standing by. All types of carpet can be repaired with professional expertise. We are eagerly waiting to repair the carpet damage you experience.

Pet Damage Carpet Repair

Pet damage is among the most common issues for carpet repair. There are many reasons as to why pets damage carpet such as a cat using the carpet as a scratching post or dog that was locked up in a room trying to dig their way out. Most problems derived from pet damage can be repaired by our expertise, even if the carpet padding has been damaged. In most scenarios, extra carpet is needed to repair the carpet. We can pull from a small closet or it can come from an extra piece of carpet you have in the attic. Matching an identical piece to the old carpet as possible is the goal. We can help you find the best carpet for patch jobs.

How to Fix Cigarette & Other Burns in Carpet

Though this is not as common as pet damage, cigarette damage does occur. We can take care of this as well, no matter if it is from an iron, cigarette, or a match. Getting it to match in a high traffic lane is the most challenging part. Though perfect results may not be attainable, depending on the extent of the damage, our efforts can make a significant improvement.

Carpet Stretching

Repairing wrinkles set into the carpet is a very common type of carpet repair. Wrinkles, buckles and ripples are trip hazards that can cause permanent damage to your carpet. This service is typically referred to as carpet stretching. Our technicians can remove the wrinkles and ripples in your carpet through the use of a power stretcher and often times a knee kicker for especially small areas.

Carpet Repair in Greater Jacksonville, Florida

For your carpet repair needs in the Greater Jacksonville, FL area, call in the experts of Jim Ryan Carpet Repair and let us assist you.

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