Invisible Carpet Patch Repairs in Jacksonville Beach, FL; How to Match & Blend Patches to Fix Holes, Tears & Burns

When carpets develop burn marks, holes, and even nasty stains, it can leave the carpet unsightly. When carpet that is in great condition develops burn marks, holes and other damages, they can be repaired. Patch repair is a great way to remove stains, burn marks and repair those deep holes in the carpet. Jim Ryan Carpet Repair will share how carpet patch repairs are done and how the results are completely invisible.

Causes of Burn Marks, Holes & Tears in Carpet

Carpet burns are often caused by cigarettes, candles, matches, or wood from a fireplace. Some burn marks can be very deep or may have only scorched the surface of the carpet. Holes can also be caused by dragging heavy furniture across the carpet. Some pets can claw or chew on the carpet removing the weaved pile. Some stains can be rather stubborn to remove or are permanent. When these types of damages occur to your home’s carpets, they can be repaired with carpet repair. With proper carpet patch repair the resulting repairs are invisible.

How to Match & Blend Carpet Patch

When repairing carpet with damages and holes you will need to cut out the blemish. The cuts must be clean. The repairs are often straight cuts or circular cuts which make it easier to repair the site. A matching piece of carpet will need to be cut out perfectly to fit in the site of the damaged carpet. The patch is cut to fit snuggly to ensure the repairs are invisible. However, repairing the hole isn’t the trickiest part. Sometimes it can be hard to find a carpet donor. A carpet donor, or a matching piece of carpet isn’t always available. Some homeowners will save scrap pieces of the carpet when the carpet is first installed. In the event you ever need to do a carpet patch repair, keep a scrap piece of carpet. However, you may to look for the same carpet manufacture and see if you can buy a small piece for the repair. The carpet piece must match the carpet to ensure the repairs are indeed invisible. With a donor piece big enough to repair the damages the next step is to cut the donor piece to fit snug. A professional will often create a template to help them get the right size and shape donor piece to repair the carpet. The donor piece is cut to fit the section of carpet that has been cut out. When placing the donor piece into the cutout, it is important the carpet’s fibers are going in the same direction. The carpet fibers or pile, is woven in rows going in a single direction. If the pile is going the wrong way, it will be very noticeable that there is a patch repair. Therefore, when cutting the donor piece, it is important to also make sure the pile will be going into the right direction especially if the cutout isn’t a perfect circle or square. Then next step is taping down the donor piece. Carpet tape is much like a double sided tape but has a very intense adhesive. The carpet tape will hold the donor piece in place, vacuum and carpet cleaning has little effect on the carpet tape. Once the donor piece is secured in place, a carpet comb is used to blend in the edges.

Invisible Carpet Patch Repairs & More in Greater Jacksonville, Florida

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