Carpet Patch Repair for Pet, Burn Hole, Edge that is Coming Up & Other Damage to Carpets in Fernandina Beach, FL

Carpet is one of the most commonly chosen flooring options among homeowners. This is because it creates a comfortable feel underfoot and makes your home feel cozier. Usually installing carpet in your home is also a budget friendly option depending on the type of carpet you choose. If you have carpet in your home, no matter how vigilant you are at caring for it, you will likely see some wear and tear over time. Sometimes, your carpet sustains damage that goes beyond professional carpet cleaning and requires other carpet repairs to be performed, like carpet patching. Jim Ryan Carpet Repair is here to talk about some damage that may require carpet patch repair.

Carpet Patch Repair for Stubborn Stains

Even the most diligent homeowners sometimes experience spills and stains on their carpet. Even if your home has a no eating and drinking rule on the carpet, accidents can sometimes happen. When you have a difficult stain that you haven’t been able to remove, on your own or with professional help, carpet patch repair can help to remove it one and for all. When the carpet patch repair is done well, you won’t even be able to notice that there was ever a stain there in the first place.

Heavy Furniture Carpet Hole Damage

Sometimes when you have heavy furniture resting on your carpet, it can play a role in permanent carpet damage. This can be true especially when the furniture is dragged across the floor rather than lifted to move it. When you drag heavy furniture, it causes damage to the back-weave and fibers. Eventually, this damage can lead to holes. Sometimes the damage is so severe that it requires carpet patching done to erase the damaged portion.

Pet Damage Carpet Repair

As much as we love our furry family members, they can wreak havoc on carpet. If a pet isn’t well trained, scared or bored, they can cause significant damage to carpet. From digging to accidents, there are several issues that are caused by pets that can be repaired using carpet patching. One way to avoid this problem is to make sure your dog or cat is getting plenty of exercise to avoid them causing damage because they have pent up energy or are bored.

Repairing Burn Hole in Carpet

If you have a fireplace or someone in your home smokes, you may have spots on your carpet that have been burnt. These burn marks cause the fibers to melt and leave spots that aren’t attractive. These burn marks can be easily repaired with carpet patching so that the damage is literally erased.

Invisible Carpet Patching & Repairs in Jacksonville, Florida

If you have damage on your carpet that you would like to get rid of, you can call on Jim Ryan Carpet Repair for help. Our experience and expertise make us your top choice in carpet patch repair. If you are getting new carpet installed in your home, don’t forget to keep some of the leftover scraps so they can be used for carpet patch repair if needed. Call us today!

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